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Last Update 2019-11-19
Daisy Garden

Daisy Garden


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Villa 16 From Othman Bin Affan St. The first street of the central 6th district and the side of the water company and behind the Kawak Door - Obour - Cairo Obour City, Qalyubeya Show On Map

About Daisy Garden

We offer you: - A comfortable, safe and clean environment for your child. - There is a smart board. - Addressing and modifying behavior and skills development. Montessori Education System. - Foreign and Egyptian teachers with the highest level of experience. - Doctor visits him twice a month. - Saturday is hosted on a regular basis. - We offer Zumba Airbus two days a week. - Provision of buses for the delivery of children. - Full time or half-time or daily hosting. -Swimming pool . - Three healthy meals per day. (Breakfast - lunch - snack) - Appointments from 7 am to 4 pm. - Additional request periods are from 4 to 6 pm. - There are cameras to follow children online for parents. - Fully air-conditioned villa. - There is a indoor and outdoor games garden. - Daily and monthly reports on your child's situation. - Training in the use of boti - There is a teacher art for activities every Thursday We accept: Children from 3 months to school age. School children after school times. With their help to perform homework and provide lunch  Daisy Garden Nursery Provide protection and a suitable environment for children to meet their needs through our programs inside the nursery and play areas outside.   Our routine: The child should spend a wonderful and enjoyable time in a logical and productive way, because your child is our first priority. Daisy Garden English Language Teaching.  Teaching French language. Teaching Arabic Language.