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Last Update 2019-11-19
Bird house language nursery

Bird house language nursery


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Third Quarter - 4th Zone - Plot 16 - Behind Cairo Academy 5th Compound, New Cairo, Cairo Show On Map

About Bird house language nursery

Nursery The Bird House Nursery is interested in the 5th assembly by creating a strong and self-reliant generation where the school is concerned with the cultural aspect and the physical fitness of the child. On the other hand, a teacher to teach children, football and hand and a coach to teach the courtyard to maintain the fitness of the child and there is a summer club to receive children Bird House Nursery under the supervision of Egypt International School · Provide foreign teachers to teach English correctly and speak correctly · Providing meals for each child under the supervision of the nursery doctor · There are cameras to guard the behavior of children and the preservation of the child Kindergarten provides the latest educational programs for mothers and children in modifying the child's behavior and how to communicate with her child · There is a training bath and an educational bath · A recreation area. · Private garden and cinema. · Make Christmas parties and children's leisure trips. · Video of all nursery activities for continuous communication and follow-up. · Premium health care (weekly doctor visit). There is the so-called after school, which is the words of specialized teachers who do the duties and the study of children and this is one of the most appropriate things for the mother who is working · There is a wallet for the Qur'an · working hours:        From 8 am to 4 pm.