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Last Update 2019-11-19
Baraem Academy

Baraem Academy


01274496617 - 01287872901 - 01203832454
611 Malak Hefny Street in front of El Montazah Bus Station El Mandara Kebly, Alexandria Show On Map

About Baraem Academy

Project Description: A service project targeting the children's section (from 2 years old to 5 years old before school). • The academic side: teaching the way Nour statement that facilitates the reading and writing of children in the age of advanced It is worth mentioning that one of the most important ways to light the statement easy to read the child from the Koran directly and save the exit of the very sound (Tajweed), as well as the principles of the account in Arabic and English And teaching the English language and the correct pronunciation of the characters, making it easier for the child to write words correctly without bothering • The educational aspect: the adoption of behavioral programs that improve and improve the behavior of children with the family and the community and instill the spirit of cooperation and participation using collective games and stories aimed at children • Cognitive side: development of the child's cognitive and sensory skills and concentration and speed of the game using games such as puzzles, jaw and installation (Montessori) and stories of the theater • Psychological side: Psychological specialists observe the children and their behavior permanently to detect any psychological disorder or stuttering or aggressive behavior, emergency or permanent and communicate with the family to find the causes of the problem and solve