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Last Update 2019-11-19
Baby World Nursery

Baby World Nursery


0223499037 - 01003961150 - 01003025879
59 Abdullah Bin Taher Street from Abu Daoud Al Dhahiri Area 6 Nasr City Nasr City, Cairo Show On Map

About Baby World Nursery

Mission 1- Reading practicing (Arabic- English- French). 2- English and French conversation (Foreign Teacher). 3- Manners and Behaviors. 4- General knowledge, Math and science. 5- Planting and Cooking. 6- Fitness and P.E. 7- Art-crafting. 8-تحفيظ قران و احاديث نبويه (Optional). 9- Fresh Healthy meals (Breakfast- Snack- Lunch). 10- Pool and water-games. 11- Fun-days. 12- Weekly Doctor Check. 13- Security Cameras. 14- Speech-Language Pathologist.