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Last Update 2019-11-19
ِAmigos Academy

ِAmigos Academy


01221424266 - 01118233816 - 01202888489
11 Ahmed El Samman St. - next to Serag Mall - in front of Obour School 8th District - Nasr City - , Cairo Show On Map

About ِAmigos Academy

Amigos Academy Berry School - International Curriculum - Entertainment Education - Attic - Montessori - Sports Academy - Daily Care - Quran Memorization * In Emigos Nursery your child is fully cared for and feels safe and happy * We seek to build your child's personality and psychologically and academically prepare for different stages of life * The school is open daily from 7.30 am to 4 pm and there are additional hours until 5 pm There is also a daily host for all ages and weekends. Friday and Saturday. Kindergarten accommodates children from 6 months to the age of school. There is a summer school up to the age of 12 * Care For children from 6 months to 1 year old * Educational and academic programs from the age of one year * Teachers with the highest level of experience in dealing with children * International curricula in: English Language of Sciences We also have: - Education Ethics and Fitness Speaking and dealing - Reading (Arabic) (3 daily meals) - Chess - Basle - Baby Foot - Domino and Lido - Baby food - Children's toys - * In Amigo's Academy we help the mother during the different stages of the child's development "food and training on the bot" * Surprises during * There is a bus for delivery * Daily reports and monthly assessments * In hygiene we are distinguished We have a keen interest in the process of cleanliness, sterilization and disinfection * Only in Amigo Academy there is a sports academy specializing in table tennis and karate And gymnastics by professional trainers