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Last Update 2019-11-19
Adams and Elbaraa Nursery

Adams and Elbaraa Nursery


01114426986 - 01096263800 - 01097936835 - 01142157570
1st district - Mahlia 8 - infront of Makhlouf Mosque behind Halim station El Obour City - , Qalubia Show On Map

About Adams and Elbaraa Nursery

Adams Nursery It is not just a life and a life They want to know each child in Adams change Every day we have a different program to suit the children's patterns and their different intelligence Bens memorization Quran Tajweed and Mentorsi and development of English skills with a foreign teacher and exercises lengthening and flexibility with an academic captain and a personal building method The most important requirements of the stage are garden 500 meters, swimming pool and all seasons are air conditioned The most important thing to ship: 1 - memorizing the Quran in Tajweed 2 - Teaching prayer and purity and pillars of Islam and literature in Islam. 3 - Teaching English by specialists. 4- Teaching the Montessori curriculum, which is one of the most important methods that help the child to acquire skills of exploitation. The most important activities in the nursery: Drawing - Gymnastics - Intellectual development - Development of talents and abilities - Good development - Garden equipped - Literary DVD educational - Behavior - Etiquette. Main Features: - Nursery accepts children from the age of 3 months. - Nursery times from 7 am to 4 pm. - We have daily hosting until 6:30 pm. - There is hosting after the end of the school day. - Our hosting on Saturday. - The nursery offers 3 meals. - There is a private bus to connect. - Carrying out trips for children. - Periodic medical follow-up. The largest nursery licensed for crossing 2000 meters and Garden 200 meters air conditioned and equipped to provide the well-being and fun for children Distinctive summer driver Contact 01114426986 or 01019198946 Obour City 1st District